Nick Kyrgios reveals he ended up in psychiatric ward during Wimbledon in 2019

The well-known Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is renowned for both his skill and controversy. Through his actions and attitude, he has frequently fought with the authorities and the media. However, he has also revealed a vulnerable side of himself that many people may not be aware of. In this article, we will explore how Nick Kyrgios reveals he ended up in psychiatric ward during Wimbledon in 2019.

The tennis star talks about his hard times and how he got better.

excellent Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgios. He can play very well, but occasionally he loses control when he is angry. According to him, 2019 left him feeling extremely depressed. After a major defeat, he was ready to pass away. To seek assistance, he went to the hospital. In a recent Netflix program, he discusses this. Break Point is the name of the show. Nick and other Australian tennis players are the subjects. They describe what it is like to live a life and play tennis. Nick claims that in 2019, he hurt himself. He left scars behind when he cut his arm. A sleeve hid them when he played. He admitted to using drugs and drinking excessively. With his friends and family, he got into arguments. He claims he dislikes both himself and tennis. According to him, there was too much external pressure.

Nick got help from his family, friends, and doctor

Nick claims that his family, friends, and doctor all contributed to his recovery. In addition to loving them, he claims that they care about him. He claims that playing tennis taught him how to manage his emotions and enjoy himself. He also claims that Thanasi Kokkinakis, a friend, was a great help to him. Both of them are accomplished Australian tennis players. They played together and won a big prize in 2022. They were very happy.

In 2022, Nick also performed admirably on his own. He made it to the final match of a major tournament in England. The best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, was his opponent. He came close to winning, but ultimately fell short. It was still his best performance to date. Nick is proud of what he accomplished in 2022, but he hopes to accomplish even more in 2023. He wants to win more prizes, improve his game, and compete in the Olympics. He also wants to make people happy with his tennis.

Nick hopes his story will help other people

Nick expresses a desire to share his story on BreakPoint. He claims he wants to show people his true self. According to him, he is a good guy, not a bad guy. Additionally, he expresses his hope that by sharing his experience, it will lift the spirits of others who are down or struggling. They can get help, he claims, and they are not alone. Talking about your feelings is beneficial, he advises. Nick is looking forward to the new year and the new show. He expresses a desire to perform well at the major tournament in Australia. Additionally, he claims that he wants more people to like him and watch his show.

Nick is not the only star in Break Point

In BreakPoint, Nick is not the only person who shares their story. There are additional Australian tennis players on the show. Ash Barty, Thanasi Kokkinakis, John Millman, and Sam Stosur are the players. All of them are decent people and skilled tennis players. Both of their motivations and backstories are unique. They have both good and bad times. The show shows us what they do both on and off the court. We get to see how they train, play, win, and lose. We also see how they have fun, relax, love, and live. The show is very interesting and exciting. It depicts the real world of tennis as well as the real people who play it.

Break Point will be on Netflix soon

Break Point is a new Netflix show. It will be broadcast soon. It is divided into six sections. Each segment lasts about an hour. The show is created by the same team that created Drive to Survive. That show is very popular and is about car racing. Many people enjoy and watch it. Break Point’s creators hope that many people will enjoy and watch it. More people will love tennis and the players, they hope, thanks to the show. Additionally, they wish for viewers to leave the program inspired and joyful. They hope that the show will inspire people to believe that if you work hard and follow your dreams, anything is possible.


Finally, Nick Kyrgios’ admission to being in a psychiatric ward during Wimbledon in 2019 demonstrates that he is not only a rebellious and outspoken athlete. But also a human being suffering from anxiety and depression.  He has faced numerous challenges and pressures in his professional and personal lives, and he has sought professional assistance to deal with them. His story demonstrates how mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of fame or success, and how critical it is to seek help and treatment when necessary.

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